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FRIDAY 14th October at 8pm (UK)

Hi everyone, it's time for the next Wonderland Social.

This social is all about connecting or reconnecting with colleagues from the VO world in a fun, safe environment. It's open to voiceovers mainly but related creatives of all types are welcome.


The social will be held in a Zoom room with breakout rooms, so you won't be stranded in a huge room with everyone madly talking at the same time and shouting 'You're on mute!'. We all meet up in the main room and then I send you off to rooms with about 6 or 7 people for around 10-15 mins. Then you all come flying back to the main room and it all happens again. It's addictive, be warned! 

To book, simply click the Book Now button, find the 14th October (or click 'check next available date') and select the 8pm timeslot, then click next, fill in the very short form and click on 'Book It'. You will be emailed the link. 

I look forward to catching up with you there.

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