Following the success of our first social, we are doing it all again on the 12th March 2021.

We had over 50 people come and go over the course of the evening. Some great mingling to start and then a bit of an interactive quiz which was a great laugh

The social is for voiceovers but creatives of all type are welcome. It will be held on the second Friday of every month, with the next one scheduled for 12th March 2021. All you have to do to come along is hit the 'Book Now' button below, leave your name and email (which I promise not to use for anything else) and you'll be sent the Zoom link by email. Any problems email me at


The social will be in a Zoom room with breakout rooms, so you won't be stranded in a huge room of everyone madly talking at the same time and shouting 'You're on mute!'. We all meet up in the main room and then I send you off to rooms with about 6 or 7 people for around 10-15 mins. Then you all come flying back to the main room and it all happens again. It's addictive, be warned! For now, it's just about having a laugh and meeting new and existing friends who have some connection to the business. 


In future, we could create accountability sessions, vocal warm-up sessions and maybe even a radio drama reading group. But all that's for another time! 


Come and join me. We all need to laugh at the moment!

And we'll be doing a lot of that!!

If you have ideas of event nights you might want to host, let me know.


See you there! 


12th March 2021


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