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I'm a keen game player as well as as a trained actor. I breath life into your characters. I'm as comfortable voicing real characters as I am giving a voice to Orcs and Wraiths! I'm also trained in the more extreme end of voicing such as barks and emotes for videogames

Whether it be on TV, radio, cinema, online or in-store I can provide anything from a fast-paced hard sell to a quiet, more measured, authoritative commercial voiceover. I also have a marketing background  and can really help make your brand or product stand out from the crowd.

As a trained actor, I can create a range of believable characters for animation. I'm experienced giving voice to all sorts of humans, aliens and creatures. As a skilled improviser I can use this during a studio session to create characters on the fly.

As an audio and video editor and technology expert, I am adept at explaining difficult concepts in an easy to understand way.  Corporate video includes presentations, staff training & recruitment, explainer videos, product information, e-learning & tutorials, health & medical and travel & leisure narration. 

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Here are some video reels of various projects.

In documentary narration, listeners can be transported to wondrous places by the narrator. Request a custom demo by clicking the button below and let me show you how I can add atmosphere and structure to your next project.

Audio Guides Demo.jpg

An audio guide enriches the experience of exploring museums, historical sites or tourist attractions. It offers insightful commentary, interesting facts, and context, allowing you to enjoy a personalized, immersive journey at your own pace. Ask me for a bespoke demo for your site.

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