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Click below to get a quote or a FREE demo of your script.


Your next voice project will be in very safe hands.

I now focus on helping companies get their message across effectively with the use of dynamic voiceover. I welcome the chance to discuss your next project.

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Just in case you are interested, here's my potted career history:

  • Trained as an actor at Mountview Theatre School, London

  • 10 Years in Entertainment Marketing

  • 10 years as a jobbing actor, presenter and voice artist.

  • 15 years running

  • 7 years running Blackwatch Entertainment, a murder mystery and immersive theatre company


Throughout all of this time, I have kept up a substantial list of voice clients.

I love travel and adventure.

Here are a few wonderful moments:

One recent adventure was to become a Program Director for Viking River Cruises. What an amazing job and company. My job was to escort 100 American guests between Berlin and Prague via The Elbe river. I had a fabulous season in 2019 and came back to focus on my voiceover career.

Brad 025a.JPG

An amazing skydive in the UK

CR Day 11 - Zip Line8 16-1-20.jpg

Zip lining in Costa Rica


Playing with the elephants in Thailand


Beach riding in Spain


Hot air ballooning in the UK

1. 26th Feb The Beyla.jpg

The wonderful Viking Beyla


Me in my Program Director gear!

Hello, I'm Brad Shaw, an experienced British voice artist. Born and bred in London, I now live West of the city centre by the river Thames. I’ve had a varied career that has focussed on performance, production and marketing. Rather than give you a long and boring career profile, I’m just going to take you through some amazing moments of my life!

The first amazing moment was when I was born, obviously! But the next was more scary than amazing. At the age of 7, me and my two brothers we buried alive under a collapsed Spanish hotel for over 8 hours. We survived unhurt. You can read the full story here.


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