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The voice of your next


An authoritative, intelligent,  

charismatic, rich, warm,

authentic and adaptable 

London male voiceover.





Why Me?

Brad Shaw Voice - Dynamic London Voiceover

Using my voice for your next production can really speak to your customers in a voice they can relate to and help you build real connections with them and ultimately sales for your business.

I’m a UK-based voice Actor with experience in narration, e-learning, audio drama, corporate and video games. As a trained and experienced actor, I can create a wide variety of characters with truth, depth and soul.  With my experience as a successful marketing and promotions consultant, I can deliver commercials and narration voiceovers that connect with your target market. And with my corporate experience, I can deliver your corporate voiceovers that really speak to your potential customers.

Here are some more reasons to hire me for your next voiceover project.

Voiceover Microphone

Dynamic Voice Actor

Born and bred in North London, I have an authoratitave, intelligent, rich and warm London accent and can give a warm natural British RP (received pronunciation) sound.


I can deliver a range of emotions and accents that really gives your message the edge. From a cockney market trader to a plummy city trader, I can bring your project to life with an authentic, dynamic sound.  Whether creating a powerful and believable videogame character or an empathetic corporate narration, my voice can take your marketing to the next level. I’m also adept at explaining technical information in an easy-to-understand way. Don’t take my word for it though, let me record a free demo of your script

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“Working with Brad was an absolute pleasure. Number one, we are very pleased with the final product and it is perfect for our needs. Brad responded promptly to email, was clear with requests, and provided high quality files quickly. We will certainly use his services again in the future!" Will Roman, C.O.O. LXDX

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Brad Shaw - Authentic Adaptable London Voice

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