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Please note by employing Brad Shaw for voiceover work, you are agreeing to the following terms:

All prices quoted are pro-rata. All copyrights, intellectual property rights, broadcasts rights and any other rights associated with the author (for clarity, the artist/worker hired by the hiring company) and the author's works and/or performances shall remain with the author. Upon full payment of this invoice, the following license is granted by the author for usage rights of the works listed in this invoice as follows:

License details: The author's works may be used by the hiring company for a period of one-year, unless otherwise stated, upon which time the works shall cease to be used, or an additional usage payment (equal to the usage payment in this invoice) shall be made to the author. The author's works may only be used for the agreed product or service (and any of the platforms or mediums) detailed in the invoice line-items, and not in any additional products or services in the future, unless otherwise stated.

For the sake of clarity, this also means that the works may never be incorporated into any text-to-speech, synthetic voice or Al Voice models, on any platform or medium, known now, or in the future.

The author's works may only be used in the geographical region as specified in the invoice line-items, unless otherwise stated; if no geographical region is stated then the license specifies that this is the hiring companies country location only. The hiring company may not transfer the works, nor this license to any third parties, (including the sale of the hiring company itself) without the written consent of the author.

Re-recordings: The author will correct any mistakes made (that are the fault of the author) made on the works free of charge and will work on a goodwill and best-endeavours basis for subjective changes requested to the works by the hiring company, however any additional works requested by the hiring company will be invoiced separately as agreed between the author and the hiring company.

Additional Digitisation, synthetisation and performance cloning clauses:


The Client agrees that they will not use any part of the Voice Actor's recording or performance for any purpose other than those outlined in the initial Agreement with the parties. In particular, the creation of synthetic performances, voices or appearances, or for the purposes of machine learning processes is excluded from the scope of this Agreement.

The Client agrees that they shall not use any part of the Voice Actor’s recording or performance to imitate their performance, likeness or voice, or to produce machine-generated versions of the Talent’s performance, likeness or voice. The Client agrees that they shall not transfer ownership, sell or form any other types of agreement with third parties which would give them access to the personal data, recordings, performances or likeness of the voice Actor without the Voice Actor’s informed and express consent recorded in writing.


The Client acknowledges that any digital recordings or performances containing the voice or likeness of the talent will be stored in a secure manner to prevent unauthorized access by third parties. In case the files are stored in the cloud, the client agrees to protect them using modern encryption techniques or other reliable technological methods. The Client acknowledges that any digital recordings or performances will be securely stored to prevent unauthorized access by third parties. If these files are stored in “the cloud” or equivalent facilities, the client agrees to ensure that these files are appropriately encrypted or protected with equivalent appropriate means. 

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