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Wonderland VO Workout.

Here's how it works:

(Please note that the workout is not for complete beginners)*

1. You choose 2 x audition pieces (or pieces you are working on) of no more than one minute (or 150 words) each.

2. Once all participants have arrived, you will be put into break out rooms of 5/6. Please do not be late as there may not be anyone in the lobby to let you in! 

3. The first thing to do when  you arrive in your breakout room is to post your pieces (.doc, .docx, pdf or txt files only) into the chat with file format 'First nameLast namexx-xx-21 (so mine would be 'BradShaw11-7-21.doc')


4. Once you are in your room, you will also need to decide on which order you will perform, so create an order list, someone type it into the chat and make sure everyone knows when it's their turn.

5. Once you have an order, you will be directed by the previous person on the list, so No. 1 directs no 2, No.2 directs no 3 etc and the last person on the list will direct No.1.

6. So then the first reader reads their piece and the director gives directions and asks them to read it again. At anytime the current director can open up for input from the others. So you do one round of everyone's first piece and then go round again for the second piece. The workout will be strictly one and a half hours. After that you will all be brought back to the main lobby where the social will begin.

During the workout, please can all participants turn their camera and mics off when someone is reading. 

I will go from room to room along with our guest coach to ensure everything is working as it should and to help solve any problems


* PLEASE NOTE: I have tried to be as inclusive as possible. Please be aware that as part of the workout, you will be asked to direct the next person's piece. This is your opportunity to see what it sounds like from the other side of the mic. If this is not something you are happy to engage with, please do not come to the workout but instead join us for the social. Thank you.

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