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Brad Shaw Narration Reel

I'm Brad, an experienced, drama school trained, voice over and professional narrator. I am experienced across a range of genres and styles. 


As a professional narrator, my voice can be used to paint a picture or set a mood. It can be used to explain, instruct, teach or present information, suitably & convincingly.

In drama narration, the narrator can hugely contribute to the atmosphere of the piece. In documentary narration, listeners can be transported to wondrous places by the narrator. Voiceover narration can be used to cover difficult scene transitions or to fill in gaps in the story and give it structure and atmosphere.

Your studio or mine?

I am happy to work at your studio or I can record from my professional home voice studio where I can work alone or you can direct me remotely. I'm a skilled editor and can deliver high quality finished voice files promptly and to a very high standard. I offer very competitive rates, am easy to work with, and am professional and prompt.

Let's Talk!

Please let me show you how I can add atmosphere and structure to your next project.

To get in touch, click the 'quote or demo' button below and fill in a form to request a free custom read of your script and/or a quote:


Hundreds of Videos, Games and Productions.

Thousands of British Narrators. All Vying for your Ears.

I trained at Mountview Theatre School and have continued to train since. An experienced and trained voice actor understands how to deliver the message you had in mind to your intended audience.  I can bring an authenticity to your production promoting increased engagement.

Hire a Voiceover - Trained Actor


Recording at my broadcast quality vocal studio means you won’t have to book a studio and engineer, saving you money and scheduling problems and avoiding Covid worries.

Hire a Voiceover - Professional Studio


I spent 15 years editing audio for my production company and have become a skilled audio editor and engineer. This will ensure you get professional quality recordings of your script.

Hire a Voiceover - Skilled Editor


A memorable, dynamic voiceover can really embed your brand identity in your customer’s mind. This means that next time they buy something similar, your brand will be a top choice.

Hire a Voiceover - Valuing your brand


I'm a voice actor who also used to run a marketing consultancy. This means that I have an understanding of the needs of everyone involved such as the production company, ad agency, director, producer, writer, video editor and audio engineer. This ensures the smooth running of your job.

Hire a Voiceover - Industry Knowledge


As a  full-time professional voice actor, I can quickly turn around your projects, readily accommodating your busy schedule.

Hire a Voiceover - Readily Available


An experienced professional is always much easier to work with. I believe that the whole experience should be professional but enjoyable for all concerned.

Hire a Voiceover - Experience


I'm a firm believer in ongoing training and keeping up to date on current VO trends via social media and networking. I'm also a long term member of Equity, the actor's union. My philosophy in business is 'give 10%  more than the customer is expecting and they will come back!'

Let's start that journey together.

Hire a Voiceover - Commitment


Finally, if you want to chat about your job in a Zoom meeting, click here.

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