Are you looking to hire a dynamic commercial voiceover for your next project?

I'm Brad Shaw, an experienced British commercial voice artist, born and bred in London, England.

Range of Commercial Styles.


Whether it be on TV, radio, cinema, online or in-store, I'm happy to provide anything from a fast-paced hard sell to a quiet, more measured, authoritative commercial voiceover. 


Marketing Background

I have a marketing and advertising background as well as a performing one and can really help make your brand or product stand out from the crowd.

Making Your Life Easier

As I've also run a number of successful businesses, I understand the corporate & commercial market and how important it is to get your message across in a clear and concise way. Not only can I provide a dynamic voice but I'm also able to help with script suggestions and editing. Also if you are not from the UK, I'm happy to help localise your script.


Your Studio or Mine?

I am happy to work at your studio or I can record from my professional home voice studio where I can work alone or you can direct me remotely. I'm a skilled editor and can deliver high quality finished voice files promptly and to a very high standard.

Competitive Rates

I offer very competitive rates, am easy to work with, and am professional and prompt. 

Let's Talk!

There are two options now. First, you could click the left button below and fill in a form to request a free custom read of your script and/or a quote. If you simply want a call back and my standard demo, click the right button.

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